At this time, we made a decision to limit the amount of events that we would like to cater, in order to ensure safety of our staff and community. We follow strict Health and Safety protocols when preparing and delivering food and ask our customers to adhere to Health and Safety protocols as well. Please direct all of your inquiries to

Pei Pei Chei Ow caters a variety of seasonally inspired dishes and elaborate dinners that tell a story.


We work with wild meats, traditional and post-colonial ingredients, incorporating Indigenous ways of cooking outdoors and in the kitchen. 


Apart from the unique food stories & genuinely personal experiences that we provide, items that are listed below come from our general menu, which is available all-year-around.

Ah-Nah-Ko-Nah-Ow (Bannock)


Bannock with crispy sage

Fry Bread

Bannock Bites:

Wild mushrooms, charred onion & dandelion with ricotta

Charred heirloom tomatoes with ricotta & wild greens 

Duck liver with black currants, crispy sage and black currant balsamic vinegar



Pa-Quay-Shee-Ka-Na-Po-Ka-Na (Stews)


Beef Stew with root vegetables

Mushroom Stew with root vegetables & beans

Nohtawey Chilli  


Mi-Shi-O-Na-Ku-Na (Big Plates)


Nohtawey Shephard's Pie

Fish Fry

Herb Onion Rice 

Honey & Herb Marinated Chicken Thighs

Roasted Garlic Potatoes

Ribs marinated in Three Berry BBQ Sauce


Rez Fair


Indigenous Tacos on Fry Bread:

Marinated Chicken with fresh herb pesto

Beef Brisket with fresh slaw and sour cream & chives 

Classic Powwow Ground Beef taco with lettuce, tomato & green onion

Nish Klik, panco breaded spam with aioli and parsley salad on a fresh bun  



No-Chi-Mi-We-Mi-Chi-Ma (Food From The Forest)


Three Sisters Salad of roasted squash, corn and white beans with lemon and honey vinaigrette 

Forest Salad with seasonal and wild greens, berries, seeds and nuts


Ka-Shee-Wa-Kay (Desserts)


Sweet Fry Bread with sugar and cinnamon

Fresh Jam made from various locally grown and picked wild berries

Kokum's Blueberry Cheesecake 

Mushkego's Peanut-butter cookies (gluten free)

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Ni-piy-uk (Beverages)

Mee-ni-sh-apiy Fermented Berry Drink (alcohol free)

Prices vary on produce availability. We do meet dietary needs. For quotes please contact