Jams For Sale (250ml) :

Saskatoon Berry Jam - $12

Spiced Cranberry Jam - $10

Black Currant Jam - $12

Blueberry & Sage Jam - $10

+ gst, pick up in Edmonton. Free Edmonton delivery for orders over $100. Cross Canada shipment at extra cost.


Online Cooking Classes:

Honoring the Whole Animal - Sisip (Duck) - $100 per person + GST (group must include at least 5 participants).

This is a 2h+ cooking class where you learn how to utilize the entire animal. While teaching how to prepare at least 5 dishes from scratch with respect to all parts of the duck, chef Scott Iserhoff shares kitchen skills, stories and Indigenous food knowledge. After taking this class, you will be able to sustainably feed a small group of people. 

Anakhanaow - Bannock & Jam - $40 per person +GST (group must include at least 5  participants). 

This is a 1.5h+ cooking class where you learn how to prepare two types of bannock and fresh jam - a staple in many Indigenous kitchens and families. While teaching how to make bannock, frybread and berry jam from scratch, chef Scott Iserhoff shares stories, Indigenous food knowledge and politics. 

How do online classes work?

E-mail michiso@peipeicheiow.com indicating what class you are interested in and prospective dates that work for you.

You can take the class as a private session with your friends and family or be paired up with other participants on our list. 

Once confirmed, we will send you an ingredient list, mise en place and an invitation to a Zoom meeting where the class will take place.


This experience makes a fun & educational bonding activity, as well as, a great  gift! 

Indigenous Gift Boxes - Limited Edition :


Carefully Curated Indigenous Gift Boxes that feature 6 Indigenous Makers/Companies. 

Treat Yourself or Your Loved One to a Candle Lit Evening of Bannock, Delicious Jam and Traditional Tea, while enjoying Indigenous Artwork & Craft. Gift Boxes include an introduction to each featured artist and Bannock cooking instructions.

All boxes are $110 + gst and come with Free Delivery in Edmonton, AB. Shipment across Canada  is $25.

Mushkego Box - Bannock  Mix, Blueberry & Sage Jam, KakekePakwa Muskeg Tea from Askiy Tea, Mother Earth Essentials Sage Candle, Sunset Horses Art Print by Serina Follette, Beaded Medicine Wheel Bracelet.  SOLD OUT

Menisha Box - Bannock  Mix, Spiced Cranberry Jam, Elderberry Tea from Askiy Tea, Mother Earth Essentials Cranberry Candle, Sunset Eagle Art Print by Serina Follette, Braided Hide Bracelet.

Wawatay Box - Bannock  Mix, Black Currant Jam, Berry Blend Tea from Askiy Tea, Mother Earth Essentials Cedar Candle, Northern Lights Art Print by Serina Follette, 2 Unique Birchwood Coasters.

Wigwam Box - Bannock  Mix, Saskatoon Berry Jam, Wild Mint Tea from Askiy Tea, Mother Earth Essentials Sweetgrass Candle, Flying Geese & Tipi Art Print by Serina Follette, 2 Unique Birchwood Coasters.